Convention Guide

Nerd Conventions Tips

  • Transportation:
    • The issue isn’t getting there, it’s going home is more the issue. The reason is that the stuff you get or the things you do at the convention kinda determine the mode of transportation you want to take. For example; you may buy a lot of merchandise. To prevent it getting damaged or stolen, might want to take a taxi or use a car to get home. Transportation is also determined by where you stay.
  • Lodging
    • Usually, conventions have special deals with hotels. The deals range from 10-50%. Despite the discounts, hotel’s amenities also should be considered, i.e. free wifi, microwave or fridge. Additionally, the maximum occupancies are allowed will also determine the cost.
    • Vacation¬†rentals also is a big consideration but the prices for these places might be a challenge because these are owned by local people, so they could possibly increase their prices when a convention is in town. One big draw about these vacation rentals is the fact that sometimes hotels charge the extra amenities. (I am looking at you Las Vegas, and charging for just using the fridge).
  • Air Fare
    • Pro Tip: Air fares are the cheapest on Wednesday and Thursday. Approximately four months before your target date. This of course not accounting for peak periods and other things.
  • Convention
    • Hygiene, please keep it up. You may be okay with your stench, but the many people that have to stay in line with you will hate you.
    • The amount of fun you experience depends on the amount of time and involvement to the convention. When I first started attending conventions, I would just walk around, especially around the merchant booth. At the end of the day, I just bough stuff. Overall a boring experience. But as I started to go early, cosplaying, doing small activities here and there, it got more fun.
    • Go alone or go with a group? Depends on you actually. If your a introvert like me, there are activities that are like one player, same goes for extrovert like me. (I am ambivert. Weird right!?!)
    • Plan out your day. You don’t have to go to detail, but be aware of the different events and the times they occur. Some events might coincide or that they are different places, so you have to find the right trajectory to catapult there. What ever the case maybe. You might be conflicted to what to atttend… tought luck to you. In all seriousness, figure out what interest you or just try something new. Most of the events are the convention are free, and with freedom, your able to leave if you wanted to.
    • Pro Tip: Kinda figure out if an event will be heavily attended. Usually lines up for most events happens 30 to 1 hr prior entrance. Get there early and grab awesome seats.

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