RIP Stan Lee

RIP to the great Stan Lee I am currently in Japan and its 6 in the morning when I heard about the news of Stan Lee. At first it was hard to believe it was real and thought it was some hoax, but all the news media has been posting and well it became all... Continue Reading →

Tourist Guide: How to drive in Japan

Hitting the Tougu or Driving on the Wangan... sounds like awesome experiencea. This isn't that type of guide. Nor is this the guide on how to pass the driver's license test in Japan (by the way there is a manga out there for this: Car Graffiti). In any-case the main purpose of this guide is... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 2: One the Road Again

Japan 2017 Day 2 Actually the story starts the day before, as we just got off the train from Akihabara and our first taste of rush hour. Packing sardine thing is true and didn't doubt it. We deposited our stash that day and we went off searching food. We headed over to the Ramen Kagetsu... Continue Reading →

Kawaii Kon 2018: Day 1

Kawaii Kon 2018 Got to the convention center early as I had work later that night. Therefore, there isn't a lot of people for a Friday night, but that's how all cons are. In any case, I was pretty excited for the merchandise, as by Sunday, it would've been gone. Met up with a friend... Continue Reading →

Travel Equipment: Pocket Wifi

Technology these days have us being in constant with the internet. Our computer, photo, even our watches require some connection to the internet. This becomes difficult when you leave the¬†comfort of your connection rich home and becomes especially harder when you travel abroad. I recently just came back from Japan (I'll write more when I... Continue Reading →

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