Travel Equipment: Pocket Wifi

Technology these days have us being in constant with the internet. Our computer, photo, even our watches require some connection to the internet. This becomes difficult when you leave the¬†comfort of your connection rich home and becomes especially harder when you travel abroad. I recently just came back from Japan (I'll write more when I... Continue Reading →

GT Power Ups! – Portable Chargers

Well back in 2014, I was traveling with a group of people and someone's phone was about to die, so I had to lend my portable charger. During that time, portable chargers weren't on any traveler's essentials due to it still developing. What was cool about it is that it had the different plugs and... Continue Reading →

GT Power Ups! – Power strip

Have you ever encountered a time during travels that there is only one outlet? (That would be a pretty bad hotel room) Or that nearest outlet is not enough for your laptop, portable charger, or any other things that need to be charged or hooked up to electricity? Or how about at an airport and... Continue Reading →

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