Pax Prime/West – Seattle

Pro Tips

  • Kinda be aware when the badges go on sale. Have your Twitter set up for notifications. Usually, badges go on sale around 3 or 4 months prior to the event May/June. Badges go on sale around 10 AM Seattle time.
  • PAX usually also schedule around Labor Day weekend. It’s four days. To confirmed it check out Washington State Convention Center. PAX coordinators reserve the spot every year.
  • Bumbershoot also happens around this time. It’s a cultural festival with a lot of things happening. The big draw is the concerts that happen around these times. Take that into consideration when planning activities or what not. The city will be busy.

Places to Visit

  • Troll Bridge – Its a sculpture? on a wall under the bridge.
  • Gas Works Park – Pretty awesome park and view of Seattle at any time of the day.
  • Kerry Park – Another awesome place to visit and get a good view of Seattle.

Grinds? (Places to eat)

  • Dicks – Cheap burgers and fries. (They taste awesome when under the influence) Don’t forget those awesome shakes.
  • Glos – Awesome place for breakfast, but it is a small place. You can have coffee while you wait. Everything is awesome!
  • Grill at Ipanema – Brazilian Steak House. Unlimited different cuts of meats. My friend loves the place not under the influence.
  • Red Mill Resturant – Awesome burgers, especially the ones with the bacon. Get the onion rings instead of the fries. They do bacon right!
  • Molly Moos Ice Cream – Ice cream so good that I would even get one during a snow storm.
  • Mox Boarding House – A place where you can roll for damage and drink ale.

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