Japan 2017: Waiting for Concert Tickets

102 days till flight

Japan 01

The text in that window roughly translates to “Please wait”. And yes, the tab next to that is what I am waiting for. While planning for this Japan trip, I was surprised about Linkin Park doing a world tour. It was more surprising is that they will be in Japan while I am there. Nostalgia reign over me as I always wanted to attend a Linkin Park concert!

Additionally, we get a chance to check out this new band called OK ONE ROCK! Bloody hell, how did I not hear about this group. Their band is 10 years old, but they are like the punk rock bands of the 90s. Do get a chance to check them as they will be also doing some shows out on the west coast with Linkin Park.

Getting Tickets

By the way, finding how to purchase tickets for a concert in Japan while you are in the states can seem difficult and daunting at first but it’s doable. I was lucky that Linkin Park had an English purchase site. So I was able to buy tickets online but I have to pick them up at a 7-11 in Japan. But I did find a website to assist in getting tickets to Japanese concerts.

Google-Senpai lead me to japanconcerttickets; I feel they’re better than most of the other ticket buying sites because they are honest. At first, I sent a query to see if they can help me get tickets and replied back with the website for English speakers to purchase the Japanese concert tickets. They mention that I should buy it directly because it is cheaper. Which was true because other sites were up charging the tickets $20 to $30 and this wasn’t including the fees and taxes. For sure those other sites we were reliable but they were selling out side the general admission sale dates. Not sure how much I could trust those sites for getting the tickets. (I know I am knocking them before I try them, but then again shady things are bound to be shady)

Anyways, my first trip to Japan, I will be rocking out!


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