Japan Trip 2017 : 94 Block Senpais – Origins

Days till flight: 94

So, usually, the trips I take, I would like to give them names/titles to make it significant. Therefore, Japan Trip 2017 will be known as 94 Block Senpais.


Well, the major driving force for of this trip is because of the people I will be traveling with. Until I get permission from them to use their names, they will be coded as Senpai-R and Senpai-M. Senpai in Japanese means a classmate or associate older than you. Senpai-R and Senpai-M are two classes older than me. Hence the reason behind the title of the trip.

The trip has always been on a back burner for the three of us. Senpai-M works at a gas station and when I see him there to fill up the car, I always joked with “So what Japan 2015”. He would respond with “maybe, or nah.”

Then something happened to Senpai-M that I felt like it was a good time to cross something off our bucket-list. At first, I and Senpai-R didn’t think Senpai-M would go through it, but he started to sell his classic video games and systems. He also started to save money for the trip. That’s when we both knew he was getting serious. How classic? Like SNES games, that were in remarkable conditions. With that being said since I am somewhat a leader and planner, so I started to look up prices for the trip.

Sometimes, you need somewhat a push to do things in life, especially traveling. What I believe is that traveling is an opportunity to live life and self-discovery. (yeah yeah, just like the book/movie Eat Pray Love) And it has been said many times before, but go without family, go with friends, or by your self. Just travel and in the words of Shia Labeouff “JUST DO IT” *flex*

Share your story, of why you started a trip in the comments below.  As always, like, subscribe and comment below.

“Travel onwards”



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