GT Power Ups! – Power strip

Have you ever encountered a time during travels that there is only one outlet? (That would be a pretty bad hotel room) Or that nearest outlet is not enough for your laptop, portable charger, or any other things that need to be charged or hooked up to electricity? Or how about at an airport and there is only one working outlet but you are with your group of friends and everyone needs to charge before the flight.

Simple Solution: A power strip.

But we hardly think of this when we pack. The general thought is to pack light and that that one charger is all we need. This thought is generally true for an average traveler, but for a geek not having multiple outlets can be cumbersome.

Is it really worth it though?

A six outlet power strip can be bought for around $10 such at Office Max, Best Buy, or even Amazon. Or if most devices are charge through USB then look into getting a multi USB port charger. A surge protector will help prevent damage from power spikes but in return, they are around the $20 to $30 range. In my opinion, surge protectors should be considered when traveling to places that the power may not be consistent or stable.

These strips will not only meet your power needs but also the people around (unless you don’t like social interaction or sharing, then that is fine too). Especially at air ports that don’t have outlets or the outlets are so far from your gate. That way you can help out other people and still get your power.

“Travel Onwards”

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