Travel Equipment: Pocket Wifi

Technology these days have us being in constant with the internet. Our computer, photo, even our watches require some connection to the internet. This becomes difficult when you leave the comfort of your connection rich home and becomes especially harder when you travel abroad.

I recently just came back from Japan (I’ll write more when I have time) and the two guys that I was traveling with didn’t thought about the travel wifi until it hits them that they needed faster speed internet. Me and other friend did have T-Mobile and they did provide internet services at 2g speeds abroad since we were on the unlimited plan but those are slow speeds.

But that travel pocket wifi from H.I.S. co LTD was super fast! They were operating at 4g speeds in Japan and I really needed those speeds because I was constantly looking up places to go and things to eat. Don’t mention how many times I was using google translate to just communicate with people. Cost was proportionally fair as it cost me $80, they had a special so I was able to get it discounted to $70, and that was really money well spent.



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