n33t 2017

Even though the rain fell on the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii, it didn’t bring down the lifted spirits of the 2017 n33t convention goers. n33t is more a concentrated artist alley that you would often see in conventions, therefore you would get more of the local vendors selling their merchandise. Often you would find cool and unique artwork on shirts and the likes. Additionally, they had a DJ and a small dance floor for entertainment. Since it was the at the cultural center, the convention had access to a parking lot, allowing them to have food vendors and Itasha there.

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Unfortunately, it was raining, so it was hard for food vendors and convention goers to enjoy the outside. Additionally, it was difficult to enjoy the inside because the establishment was small and I am guessing that the convention creators didn’t anticipate a large turn out. I am going to assume it was the result of fall out from the Anima Ohana cancellation a couple months back. Whatever the reason, the increase number of people in a small space created a unbearable humidity. But, the price for such an establish made it the cheapest convention on the island ($5 online and $7 at the door).

I personally would go again, at the general price but I would pay a little more to get a bigger establishment and more things to do for that one night. In any case, not bad for its first time.

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