Amazing Hawaii Comic Con 2017

"OMFG it's Stan Lee!.... BLARGLASDJKSDJSAODJAJDKLSA" *system crash* *reboot* "Initiating fan boy programming" That's what happened when I first saw Stan Lee. He came down for the other Hawaii Comic Con,¬†Amazing Comic Con. This con may be considered as the largest Comic Con for Hawaii. Majority of the reason is that of the guest list that... Continue Reading →

Geek Convention Going and 2017 Honolulu Comic Con

  "What are you dressing up as?" A question that often is asked of me when I mention that I am going to any geek convention. I was discussing my plans for the weekend and I mention that I will be going to Honolulu Comic Con with a co-worker. I replied that I wasn't (I... Continue Reading →

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