Amazing Hawaii Comic Con 2017

“OMFG it’s Stan Lee!…. BLARGLASDJKSDJSAODJAJDKLSA” *system crash*

*reboot* “Initiating fan boy programming”

That’s what happened when I first saw Stan Lee. He came down for the other Hawaii Comic Con, Amazing Comic Con. This con may be considered as the largest Comic Con for Hawaii. Majority of the reason is that of the guest list that the con brings in. Stan Lee was 2014 and 2017 brought in William Shatner. Kevin Eastman comic book artist and writer known for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This year brought in  Jason David Frank, well known as the Green Ranger.

The thing about this con is that it was originally based in Las Vegas and for some reason, they came to Hawaii. Which was something interesting because the other cons here, Kawaii Kon and it affiliate Hoku Con (Honolulu Comic Con) were grass root made therefore it would be a battle for who is the better con. For the average geek, it would be a strain for their wallets.

The con itself is pretty average with the usual vendors, events, and happenings. I could imagine making any con bigger is by increasing the guest list. By doing so, we are able to increase the number of panels and things going on. Especially help develop people who are interested in the craft or culture to develop it. The problem is because of the location, Hawaii. Getting more guest will require sponsorship from other corporations to help them cross the ocean. I mean it’s cheaper to send someone to New York than to Hawaii.

None the less, I am appreciative for any conventions that come to Hawaii. The more conventions Hawaii host, especially geek conventions, the better it best known as the place to geek out.

“Travel Onward”

Photo Credit: John Orsino & Auggene Paguirigan

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