Hi everyone, I am going to take a hiatus for two or three weeks starting today. Primarily reason, I want to get content to be released on a routine schedule. Additionally, I want to spruce up the blog a bit better. Thank you!

GT Power Ups! – Power strip

Have you ever encountered a time during travels that there is only one outlet? (That would be a pretty bad hotel room) Or that nearest outlet is not enough for your laptop, portable charger, or any other things that need to be charged or hooked up to electricity? Or how about at an airport and... Continue Reading →

RIP Chester Bennington

Days till trip: 94 You may already know by now that Chester Bennington has passed away. He was going through a lot of tough things in his life and there by having committed suicide. Rest In Peace! You made high school and life, in general, a bit more tolerable with your amazing voice.

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