GT Power Ups! – Portable Chargers

Well back in 2014, I was traveling with a group of people and someone’s phone was about to die, so I had to lend my portable charger. During that time, portable chargers weren’t on any traveler’s essentials due to it still developing. What was cool about it is that it had the different plugs and ports that allowed you to be that super hero to rescue people from their power issues. At that time, there was a micro USB plug, apple, and USB port. It was very excellent and well used that it was the completely uncharged majority of the time.

Now in 2017, there are various portable charges to pick from. The question becomes, which to use?

I continue to use the MyCharge brand because of the reliability. Although it can be a bit pricey, I haven’t any problems with it. I am currently rocking the myCharge Razor Ultra. I would’ve still used the other charger weren’t I lost it. Well actually, that’s the only reason why I bought new chargers is that I lost the previous ones. I’ve given them as gifts as well and the response was all positive.20170911_085900.jpg

How much mAh do you need? It all depends on the device, how much you use it and how you use it. Obviously, if you use your device a lot or your device goes through your battery pretty fast, then a higher mAh might be your deal. To accurately determine this, look at how much your device battery capacity. A smart phone averages around 3000 mAh. Taking the myCharge Razor Ultra, a 12000 mAh capacity charger, it is able to charge my phone 3 times in a day or charge 4 phones in a day, before you have to charge it again.

There are some chargers that have other features as solar power, multiple USB ports, or attached cords. That decision is based on you. If you are outdoors in the sun a lot, then a solar power charger is not too bad. (That or you’re stuck in alternate time where electricity is not possible and you have to rely on solar/motion power to charge your devices… >.> Cage of Eden). Multiple USB ports for those multi devices or you want to share with your friends, family, or strangers. Attached cords become increasingly helpful to not have the need to always bring one. What ever the case may be, don’t forget to bring your portable charger.

“Travel Onward”.

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