RIP Benson Kita

A comic shop or gaming store becomes a place for a geek to be comfortable. What makes a store such an awesome place for a geek is the shop keeper. A shop keeper who doesn’t tend to his patrons as customers but instead of friends. Created a place where people want to hang out and have a good time. A shop keeper that creates a place of fun and enjoyment. Benson Kita of Toy Lynx/Ideal 808 was that kind of shop keeper.

I found Ideal 808 when I first starting to get back into Magic the Gathering in 2011. A new shop to me. The shop was cool place that started to do tournaments and getting into other games. I remember meeting Benson the first time, sold me my first boxes of Innastrand. He was nice, polite, and cool. The more frequent I went, he would know what I want and what I pick up. Even if I took a hiatus from the Magic the Gathering and stop coming to the store, and I would see him at the conventions, he would still remember my name. That I think is awesome.

He passed away suddenly this past weekend. My condolences and prayers go out towards him and his family. Rest in Peace Benson!

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