Geek Convention Goers Handlers Guide: Cosplayers

There have been countless posts/blogs about the type of people you meet at any conventions. By the way, whatever that has been posted about the type of people… it’s true.

The real question is how should you interact with them is a different story.

So, I’ll call these handler guides.

Topic: Cosplayers

I cosplay a couple of times but it was just always the same character: Link from Legend of Zelda.



By the way, you can follow me on Instagram where I post more pictures. My link cosplay was fairly simple. I wore white jeans and a white long sleeve shirt along with some boots. The other stuff such as the shield, arm sling, sword, and pouch were all store bought. What was homemade was the tunic and the cap. My effort to make this costume wasn’t much compared to my earlier versions. The first time I made my own cosplay was back in college. Not only the tunic and cap, I made also the sword and shield. I was able to jerry-rig it onto a backpack. It was the greatest achievement at that time as a starting cosplay.DSC07589.JPG

Here are some tips when interacting with cosplayers

  • BE NICE!

Should be obvious, but there are people who disregard this. I’ve seen people chasing down cosplayers to take a picture. While others pass judgment on other cosplayers. Don’t be that person. Some cosplayers take some time with their costume for others it takes a lot of courage to dress up in public. Some are in fear of the haters out there. Let geeks be geeks. Often we cosplay to enjoy becoming the characters. Think back to Halloween, and where you dress up and have fun trick-or-treating.



Cosplaying is not consent. As a cosplayer, I do dress up expecting people to look at me and take pictures. But only when I want to. I might be in the middle of a meal or handling a situation. Please read the atmosphere and have some social intelligence to ask when it is appropriate.DSC07620.JPG

  • Constructive Criticism

Don’t judge other people’s cosplay unless you are a cosplayer judge. It’s like those competition shows, like cooking or designing. Judges are there to comment how well they design and fulfill the cosplay in a competition. Let cosplayer enjoy them selves cosplaying. Like old adage, “if you don’t have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.”


Note: I took all the pictures from previous Kawaii Kons (2011 to 2012) and yes the last picture is of Yaya Han before she blew up on Sci Fi with that heros of cosplay show.

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