What makes a geek?

The other part of me is my geek life style, but the problem with being a geek is defining what it is. There are many definitions but it’s hard to really condense into one and at the same time it’s hard to differentiate it. Like a geek can be interested in technology but not all people who are interested in technology are geeks. Or a geek can be into comics but not all people who like comics are a geek. I mean we got people who would watch those super hero movies aren’t a geekish one bit.

So we can’t pinpoint a single detail what makes a geek a geek, but what about giving geeks a general term. That’s the other spectrum of it too. Some geeks are intellectual but not all geeks are. If you say that geeks are interested in non-normal things, then what defines what’s normal? If we say, that people would be interested in football is normal and those who are not interested are considered geeks. With this statement alone, indicates that our titles are defined by society.

But the thing is that we are living in an interesting era, where society is constantly changing what is normality. Take for example starting a family. It was normal to start a family when you’re in your 20s but post WWII, but now we see families starting up late. Times has changed and so our definition of people and things.

This brings up a question. Do we need a title? Do we need to define ourselves? I believe to a certain extent and in certain situations that we need to define who we are. Yes we are essentially all geeks, but one geek could be a Star Trek Geek while another be a Star Wars Geek. In that definition, we come together under the Geek banner, and that the same time we hold true to our individuality. Now that is awesome!


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