What makes a geek?

The other part of me is my geek life style, but the problem with being a geek is defining what it is. There are many definitions but it's hard to really condense into one and at the same time it's hard to differentiate it. Like a geek can be interested in technology but not all... Continue Reading →

Geek Convention Goers Handlers Guide: Cosplayers

There have been countless posts/blogs about the type of people you meet at any conventions. By the way, whatever that has been posted about the type of people... it's true. The real question is how should you interact with them is a different story. So, I'll call these handler guides. Topic: Cosplayers I cosplay a... Continue Reading →

Amazing Hawaii Comic Con 2017

"OMFG it's Stan Lee!.... BLARGLASDJKSDJSAODJAJDKLSA" *system crash* *reboot* "Initiating fan boy programming" That's what happened when I first saw Stan Lee. He came down for the other Hawaii Comic Con,¬†Amazing Comic Con. This con may be considered as the largest Comic Con for Hawaii. Majority of the reason is that of the guest list that... Continue Reading →

Quest: PAX-Prime Conventions

Labor Day harkens the end of summer, but more so to discount sales in the malls. For me though, it will ever hold a place for me as PAX-Prime or Penny Arcade Expo Prime. Since their first started in 2004, PAX has been a place for gamers to congregate and have fun. Remember the times... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, I am going to take a hiatus for two or three weeks starting today. Primarily reason, I want to get content to be released on a routine schedule. Additionally, I want to spruce up the blog a bit better. Thank you!

GT Power Ups! – Power strip

Have you ever encountered a time during travels that there is only one outlet? (That would be a pretty bad hotel room) Or that nearest outlet is not enough for your laptop, portable charger, or any other things that need to be charged or hooked up to electricity? Or how about at an airport and... Continue Reading →

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